A.C.E 3

A.C.E 3 x ReDI Kids is in Session

Our first student-led program is live at the Paul-Löbe Schule!

Our first student-led “A.C.E 3 x ReDI Kids” course is in now session at the Paul-Löbe Schule in Reinickendorf, Berlin. In collaboration with the Paul-Löbe Schule, and the ReDI School, we worked with the school’s tenth graders (aged 14-15) to devise a digital skills course. The result is a bespoke curriculum designed by the student for the students, encouraging them to think about the connections between what they learn in school and their dreams for the future. This course is being held during the second semester of the school year as part of their regularly scheduled computer classes.

The preparatory workshop, during which the “A.C.E3 x ReDI Kids” digital skills course took shape, was a space where students could dream, set their own priorities, and brainstorm which digital skills they were interested in learning. PxP’s founders Fetsum and Teddy participated in the workshop as well, sharing their vision of how empowering young people through education and empathy will lead to a more peaceful future.

Two teachers from the Paul-Löbe Schule in Reinickendorf joined us for this workshop, giving them a chance to see their students interact outside of the classroom, experience their imaginations at play, and get to know more about what motivates and inspires them.

The workshop started with a big question: What is your dream job? We provided them with prompts, so they could imagine getting there step by step: Which technologies could they already use? When and how do they use them? Which digital skills might they need for their dream job?

Knowing how to work together to overcome challenges is an essential life skill. Through various games and group activities, the students learned new ways of communicating, how to build trust and collaborate.

One of the best things about the workshop was seeing how engaged and motivated the students were. The simple act of believing in someone can be transformative. We put the students in charge of charting the course of their curriculum, and watched them thrive in an environment where their perspectives and voices were valued.

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