A.C.E 3

A.C.E 3 x ReDI Kids

On Sunday, 02 June, this year’s closing event of our PxP children’s education program, which bears the name “A.C.E 3 x ReDI Kids”, took place. A.C.E 3 means: All Children Empowered through Empathy and Education.
In the past two semesters in 2018 & 2019, we, together with our partner ReDISchool, have been able to provide up to 140 girls and boys aged 8-16 from 14 different nations in Berlin with regular weekend courses, holiday programs and at a hot spot school, access to courses with modern technologies. The content of these courses ranged from topics such as coding and HTML to new approaches to promoting creative self-confidence and problem-solving skills.
We were also able to offer inspiring and informative workshops at companies such as SIEMENS, MICROSOFT and FORMLABS to our 9th grade students. In addition, the students always had the opportunity to make local contacts, which was very valuable and encouraging for them, especially with regard to education and training.
The children and their families have grown very close to our hearts during this time. It makes us happy and proud to see what they learned for themselves, but above all how positively their self-confidence has developed in this short time!