A.C.E 3

Kids Kreate the Future

We recently launched our “Kids Kreate The Future” courses, designed as part of the PxP Embassy e.V.’s education program A.C.E 3: All Child Empowered Through Empowerment and Education.
Creative self-confidence is an important element in promoting learning.
During the “KKTF” courses, children and teens learn to collaborate in playful,creative environments, while developing critical-thinking skills. They are encouraged to learn new skills, such as problem-solving and brainstorming.

Children will be able to apply the methodologies they learn during these workshops to their schoolwork, in their preparation for further education and vocational training, and in their everyday lives. Creativity is a tool of the imagination. The more children are able to develop and use their creativity, the bigger their tool box will be as they move through life and become great leaders of tomorrow.