In a workshop run in partnership with Volkswagen We and designed to promote a love of learning, kids built up their creative self-confidence while exploring the field of “design thinking.”

For our first “Kids Kreate The Future” course, we partnered with Volkswagen We and the Berliner Ideenlabor to deliver a two-week workshop in November 2018. Thirty-five kids, aged 10 to 16, from across Berlin worked in groups to imagine the streets of the future. In an empathic and playful environment, the students built creative confidence and gained targeted, sustainable know-how in the growing field of “design thinking.” Tackling tasks that ranged from brainstorming to problem-solving, the kids honed their team-work, presentation, and critical-thinking skills. Creative self-confidence is an important element in promoting a love of learning. The methodologies the students learned during the workshop can be applied to their schoolwork, to their preparations for further education and vocational training, as well as to their everyday lives.