PxP Festival

The PxP (Peace by Peace) Festival is our flagship project. This annual benefit concert is “Your Voice for Children” — an inclusive community-building celebration that raises awareness and funds for our work in Germany and abroad. In 2013 Fetsum and Teddy came up with the idea of a benefit concert to raise funds in aid of child refugees. The festival was a runaway success and inspired them to expand the PxP Embassy’s vision of peace-building. For the inaugural edition of the PxP Festival in June 5, 2016, more than 20,000 people came to Berlin’s Waldbühne to support musical artists and entertainers in raising their voices for children in need. The participating artists waived their fees. The net proceeds and donations from the concert flowed into international aid projects being carried out by UNICEF and ARCHEMED in crisis zones abroad and refugee projects in Germany. The second edition of the festival also drew a full house at the Waldbühne and was held on June 18, 2017. The proceeds for the festival were used to support UNICEF, our charity partner, in their work with child refugees and to fund the PxP Embassy’s own A.C.E 3 projects, which are paving the way for a peaceful future by empowering children through empathy and education. The festival will return in 2019.