PxP Festival


The PxP ALLSTARS are an ensemble of musicians who together with well-known singers (PxP VOICES) raise their voices for children and their chance for a more peaceful world. The idea for the Allstars project was born at the PxP (spoken “Peace by Peace”) FESTIVAL 2016, a charity concert for children in need, initiated by Fetsum Sebhat and Teddy Tewelde. Supported by the socially and economically successful start of the festival in times of increasing refugee flows, the two initiators decided to create a permanent relief and empowerment organisation out of spontaneous emergency aid. Thus the one-day festival developed into a year-round contact point for children’s education projects with the PxP EMBASSY e.V.
After three festival editions, a total of 52,000 visitors, net proceeds of more than 830,000,- € and more than 100,000 children supported, the PxP FESTIVAL is now the largest benefit festival for children in Europe. Encouraged by this resonance and convinced of the vision that education is a core pillar for peace building, the Peace-by-Peace-Message is drawing ever larger circles and surfing on the sound wave of music.
In the past, successful artists such as Max Herre, Clueso, Patrice, Samy Deluxe, Joy Denalane, Miss Platnum, Fettes Brot, Alligatoah, Adel Tawil, Alice Merton, SDP, Andreas Bourani and many more have joined forces to form PxP VOICES under the motto #YOURVOICEFORCHILDREN. After the successful PxP FESTIVAL in 2019 the journey for the PxP ALLSTARS continued. Together with the PxP VOICES Sophie Hunger, Johannes Oerding, Teesy, Fettes Brot and initiator Fetsum himself, the PxP ALLSTARS were honoured to deliver their message of peace to the people at the OPEN AIR St. Gallen and DAS FEST in Karlsruhe.

The PxP ALLSTARS are the ambassador band of the PxP FESTIVAL.

The PxP ALLSTARS travel to & perform at other festivals to convey the PxP-Message to broader audiences delivered through a unique ensemble of PxP-Voices.

To be continued in 2020.

If artists of different genres get together on stage and unite their voices for a higher cause, it’s already a powerful message in itself.