The ‚Kids Kreate the Future‘- program goes into the next round!

When children design the future

Together with our project partner PxP Embassy e.V., we will continue the “Kids Kreate The Future” program of the A.C.E.3 Education Initiative in November and December 2019. In the great premises of the PxP-Embassy at Rosenthaler Platz (Berlin), we are developing positive visions of the future with 15 students each on the topics of “Professions of the Future” and “Justice”.

The aim of the program is to develop creative self-confidence and to give children/young people a voice for their own wishes for the future. We use methods from Future Thinking and Design Thinking. A similar format was carried out last year together with Volkswagen We. You can find more information and a video here.

Kids Kreate The Future (A.C.E3, PxP Embassy e.V.) from PxP Embassy e.V. on Vimeo.

Our goal is to give you creative self-confidence – because you shape the future, you are the future.

The Agenda

During the two days of the “Kids Kreate The Future” program, the students develop positive visions of the future on the topics of “Professions of the Future” and “Justice”. On day 1, the programme will focus on “A better future” and on day 2 on “Helping others”. The respective days deal with the following questions:

Day 1

A better future

Mutual understanding:

  • What are problems in the area of “XY” today?

Shaping the future:

  • What does a positive future look like for you?

Day 2

Help others

Building understanding of the problem/ empathy:

  • Who is being treated unfairly in the “XY” area today?

Brainstorming ideas and creating solutions:

  • How can we help this person in the future?

Estimated dates:

Workshop period 1

November 21-22, 2019

  • Topic: Professions of the future

You want in?

Workshop period 2

December 16-17, 2019

  • Topic: Justice

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